About Us

At Skyway Surgery Center we focus on providing excellent, affordable care. Our staff and physicians utilize the most current surgical innovations with the least invasive techniques, allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyle sooner. At Skyway, we not only focus on outstanding patient care, we offer a more affordable health care solution for those that are facing surgery.

Our 12,550 square foot surgical center is comprised of four operating rooms, one procedure room, pre-operative and recovery areas, along with a large reception area. Our center is Medicare Certified and fully accredited by the Accrediting Association of Ambulatory Health Care.

Why Choose Skyway Surgery Center?

We know that you have choices when it comes to your healthcare. Here’s why our patients have chosen Skyway Surgery Center for their procedures and recommend us to their friends and families.

Excellent, Affordable Care

At Skyway Surgery Center, our caring and highly trained professional staff offer superior quality surgical care in a friendly, warm environment. As you will see, patients can have both excellent care and affordable care. Lower cost does not mean lower quality. Patients who choose Skyway typically pay less out of their own pockets compared to having the same procedure done at a hospital, since surgery centers can provide these surgical services at a lower cost.

Low Infection Rates

Surgery centers typically have very low infection rates, if any infections, at their facilities. Since surgery centers don’t have an emergency department or a sick wing like their hospital competitors, there is less cross contamination opportunities. Since most surgeries performed at surgery centers are not emergencies, surgery centers or your physician may cancel a case if the patient is running a fever, or has a sore throat, cold or flu.


Other Reasons to Choose Skyway:

  • Our patients recommend us to their friends and family.
  • We have outstanding patient satisfaction scores.
  • Our physicians are innovative.
  • You have less wait time.
  • Our center is patient/family friendly warm environment.
  • Our surgeons are partners in our facility.